The 5-Week Trading Course


In trading in order to win you have to do everything right. This is a structured course that has an end in mind, helping you becoming a consistent winning trader with a distinctive trading signature. 

This is the trading material I wish I had been giving when I was not yet as successful as I wanted to be. I am sure this course will be very helpful in your trading journey wether you are still a novice or a seasoned trader that wants to improve further.

Here is the index of contents for this course.

Index of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Your Final Goal
1.2 Who Should Take This Course
1.3 The Necessary Commitment

2. Developing A Trading Strategy

2.1 Choosing A Trading Style, Signature, Niche
2.2 Research & Testing
2.3 Trading With An Edge
2.4 Trading Systems
2.5 Risk Management
2.6 Changing Market Conditions
2.7 Repetitive Trading Patterns

3. The Mental Game

3.1 Trading With Confidence
3.2 The Right Trading Mindset
3.3 Admitting And Correcting Mistakes
3.4 How To Think About Individual Trades
3.5 Avoiding Self-Sabotage
3.6 Overtrading
3.7 Self-Coaching
3.8 Flawless Execution
3.9 Accepting Losses
3.10 How To Manage Drawdowns

4. Markets: What Works & What Does Not Work

4.1 Being In Synch With The Market
4.2 Market Type: Momentum, Mean Reverting
4.3 Indicators
4.4 How To Trade Stocks

5. Trading Tactics

5.1 Trading Routines
5.2 Having A Trading Journal
5.3 Business Plan
5.4 Education, Training

6. Tricks Of The Trade

This is an email based trading course. You will receive the trading material every week (actually a few times a week) with the material for you to read and study.

There is also the "Homework" material. This is a course where after each section you will have a small trading task (sometimes not so small) to perform.

So it is more than a course, it is a course plus a mentorship program as you can email me anytime with any questions.

Have a great trading day!

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