Aug 12, 2015

Poor Trades. A Warning Signal.

"I see that a significant number of my poor trades were triggered by my desire to do something." 

 If there is nothing to do then do nothing. I remember a few years ago when I had already perfected most of my trading systems and already had a smooth equity curve, from time to time I felt urged to play a special situation in a stock or in the indexes. Those operations only added volatility to my trading and drained emotional capital. That was the last issue that I had to fix to become a stress free, consistently profitable trader. If you trade for a living it is very important not only to be consistently profitable (because you have to pay the bills) but it is also very important to stay relaxed and confident at all times. You must be confident that you will always (not most of the time) be able to act in your own best interest. Avoid those temptations to place a side bet when you are already well ahead in your learning curve.

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