Jun 9, 2015

Today`s Best Tweets: Nikkei, Wal-Mart, American Express, Yen

"Nikkei breakdown last night was a big one I'll be watching closely. When bullish patterns resolve down, something bigger is going on." - J.C. Parets, Market Technician

"Bank Of America (BAC) loves higher rates." - Mike Valletutti, CTA ‏

"Since January 15, Netflix has doubled. In the last two years, it's tripled." - Eddy Elfenbein

"I don't see yen on the list of concerns about the stock market.....if yen catches a bid, it's gonna be a problem." - J.C. Parets, Market Technician

"Wal-Mart (WMT) is now the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones this year, down 15.5%. Second worst is American Express (AXP). AmEx is down 14.9%.” - Paul R. La Monica, CNN Money

"If you haven't gotten up from your chair in the last 30 minutes now is a good time. Grab some water walk around.” - Sunrise Trader, West Coast

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